Burgundy villages 2004 tasting

Burgundy villages 2004 tasting

Welcome to this wine blog.  My name is David Way and I’m interested in exploring the world of wine.  I have a particular passion for Italy – with a firsthand knowledge of  the Tuscan Maremma, basically South of Pisa, along with other key regions – and France.  Red Burgundy started all this and there is really not much to trade up to from its subtle and complex wines.  I run a wine appreciation course in Tuscany in the summer for the British Institute of Florence (www.britishinstitute.it) and a wine group in Hampshire, England (www.andoverwinefriends.org.uk/)

There’s so much to enjoy in the world of wine: the landscape, the places, the growers and merchants, the grape varieties, what happens in vineyard and cellar, the literature … and that’s before you get to the best bit, tasting and drinking.  So enjoy the blog and the journey.

Contact: david.way@me.com


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