A serious rosé

Chateau de Sours

Chateau de Sours

Recent years has seen a surge in the popularity of rosé in the United Kingdom.  It must be something about all those summer parties or just people looking for a change from white or red.  On the whole the style is light and easy drinking, a quaffable crowd pleaser.  But every now and then you come across something much more serious.  Chateau de Sours do something really memorable. It’s difficult to describe the colour – is it a deep ruby rosé or a light red wine?   The nose is of confectionery, sweets and ripe red fruit, of moderate intensity.  In the mouth there is sweet ripe fruit, good balance, a depth of flavour, some acidity – though this is not predominant as the wine is 7 years old now – and low astringency.

The wine is made from free run Merlot, ie the juice which is extracted without pressing which accounts for the low tannins.  It is  left to ferment for eight to ten weeks.  I am not sure that ageing potential is the right phrase but is certainly doesn’t fade away after a year or two.  It’s a serious wine, stands up well to food, is extremely drinkable if 13.5% alcohol and, overall, very good.  This was a welcome gift but on a quick check I see that Majestic stock it at £10 a bottle.


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