Campania 9 – Filadoro, the new comer

Our last evening in Taurasi and in Campania offered the chance of either numerous Halloween parties (the mini-witches were very well behaved) or a dinner and tasting at the new wine bar, Vino e caffè.  Theoretically a 8.30pm start, we were tipped off that 9.15 was more likely and in fact that gave plenty of time to admire the stash of bottles in the room which doubles as wine store and as meeting point for another great Italian passion, watching football on TV.  Chatting to the young sommelier (all kitted up in traditional garb), he apologised for having no voice as he had been cheering Napoli on that afternoon in their epic victory against the mighty Juventus, the first victory in Turin for Napoli for 21 years.

The wines featured were from Filadoro, near Lapio, on the back road between Taurasi and Avellino.  This is their first year as producers, though they have grown grapes for others for many years and will continue to do so.   The growers had the biggest table, then there were IMG_4114 a few fours scattered around and us.  Two excellent courses came and went – pasta (Cicatielli) with squash and ricotta (and a wonderful creamy salsa of the squash on the side) and then chicken breasts rolled around prosciutto and mushrooms, very well and beautifully done.   These course were paired with the two Filadoro wines now on the market:

Fiano DOCG 2008 – pale gold (probably more mid straw in better light) with green tinges, initially a slightly neutral nose but then opened up, slightly leafy, nutty, satiny palate, good acidity, good+

Tasted again at Vinitaly 2010: a polished wine, showing a huge amount of development in the bottle in comparison with the 2009 which had been bottled for the wine fair but still needs time.  Very good apple and pear notes on the palate, tightly held together, very good indeed.  Awarded a ‘gran menzione’ at Vinitaly 2010.

Greco di Tufo DOCG 2008 – a deeper straw yellow with green tinges, excellent honey and acacia nose, racy but balanced in the mouth, medium persistence, very good

Filadoro can be proud of these debutants – and indeed they have a little entry in the Vini d’Italia 2010, giving them a highly creditable 16/20 and 14/20 respectively. Complimenti!

There was then what can only be called a long pause … the young lads on a nearby table first flitted back and IMG_4116forth between their food and Milan-Parma on the TV screen, then they were joined by a group of other giovani, and started drinking the upcoming red wine … Getting up to photograph the bottles we fell into conversation with the growers’ table including a group of English speakers, Italians brought up in Coventry! Very friendly and obviously disappointed that we were going home the next day and couldn’t visit.  Alla prossima volta!

Finally, the third course arrived, more an antipasto, beautiful prosciutto, cheese, salami, and a bowl of rich chickpea and meat … and the red wine accompanied by slightly tipsy renditions of old Queen favourites from the growers:

Aglianico Irpinia DOC 2008 – there will be Taurasi but we will have to wait until 2011 for that, but this is the junior version which you can sell after a year or so.  The growers were nervous that this pre-release wine (due to IMG_4115be bottled in the winter) would not find favour, but they shouldn’t have worried:  purple edge to a vibrant ruby colour, good depth of flavour, vibrant in the mouth too, with all that young acid and tannin, but real potential.  Try in a year’s time.  A silver medal winner as ‘Selezione del sindaco 2010′ at the Citta’ del Vino event.

Taurasi DOCG 2008 was available to be tasted in its infancy at Vinitaly 2010 – it only has two more years to go before it will be released!   Now it shows a good lively palate, lovely plum and red fruit, excellent potential.

The party began to break up at 12.30.  We returned to our beautiful B&B (, with so many fresh sensations from Campania.  It may be one of the oldest wine areas in the world but it is now the leading wine area of Southern Italy with a great mix of tradition and innovation.  We can’t wait to return.


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8 responses to “Campania 9 – Filadoro, the new comer


    remember me ? giancarlo from filadoro wine cellar i’m thanking you about all this you done i hope to see you a vinitaly if you email me i will let you know in a month time the number of the stand thank you very much
    giancarlo ioanna

    email :

    • Hello, Giancarlo – yes of course! It was a great evening at Taurasi, the food was very good and (as I say on the blog) it was great to discover your wines. We will look forward to seeing you at Vinitaly. Felice buonanno! David

  2. giancarlo

    hello i leave you all the details to come and visit us at vinitaly <.

    stand n°5
    area B

    zone area campania

    looking forward to meet you there !!!!

    Giancarlo Ioanna

  3. giancarlo

    hello we won the award s:
    1)”gran menzione 2010 vinitaly fiano di avellino 2008 docg” at vinitaly
    2) silver medal citta’ del vino “selezione del sindaco 2010 ” irpinia aglianico doc 2008 !!!

    we trying our best!!!!

    giancarlo ioanna +39 3391678239

    • Giancarlo – that’s great to hear and fully deserved. I can’t wait to taste the Aglianico in due course and hope that 2010 is unfolding well in the vineyard.

      • giancarlo

        i tasted the first bottle of fiano di avellino vintage 2009 yesterday , after a hard year in the vigna i think we done a great job !!!!

        giancarlo ioanna +39 339 1678239

  4. giancarlo

    hello wow are you ?? hope fine
    at vinitaly this year we won the gran menzione with 2009 fiano di avellino docg and with fiano di avellino docg cru santa’ri 2008 (new entry) a wine that does 5 months of fermentation on the east then 2 years in bottle !!!

    king reguards

    GIANCARLO IOANNA +39 339 1678 239

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