Party wines

One of the risks of going to parties is the range of competent but dull wines you may encounter.  Things look up however if the party is thrown by a member of  a wine club and lots of the wine club ( are there .  While no one would expect rare or valuable bottles, finding interesting party offerings is a good challenge.   Last night showed a disappointing Chateau Musar 2002, Lebanon, a famous name but this bottle was an acidic and unappetising brew.  Much better was commercial Australian Riesling. 

Most discussed were the older Tempranilo-based Rioja or similar – loads of vanilla from American oak and characteristic strawberry fruit.   Good to see that wine club members were seen to be experimenting with aeration of the wines, testing the difference between bottles just opened and those opened for half an hour.  Or just an excuse for opening more bottles? 

JS primitivoMy choice? Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, Primitivo, for highly drinkable, plummy fruit, around £5.50.   Can stand up to chicken curry, though not exactly the best match! But, nonethess, a happy evening.

Update: an even better Primitivo is currently on special offer at Waitrose:  Donna Marzia, from Conti Zecca.  £5.99 and nice black bottle too.



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3 responses to “Party wines

  1. wine lover

    what a wonderful evening you describe ! I’m with the european federalist – and keen to embrace the euro even if only to make wine-buying in Europe simpler! Few of us had any idea that there is a sophisticated wine drinking community in the Hampshire backwoods. Another well-kept country secret. Unlike the Leckford Hut (as the Clos de Marquis is known to locals with any historical or geographical sense) which has lately become a beacon of good value and astonishing wines from SW France. Did I hear a rumour that another Wine Dinner for Andove Wine Friends chez Les Marquis is in the planning stage? How long is the waiting list?

    • you will be first on the list!

      • wine lover

        O good…. By the way – thank you for another wonderful fine wine supper – am enjoying the spoils even as I write. Very much looking forward to the next opportunity to share a good bottle of wine with you. Remind me to tell you about the collapse of a wine fridge at work during the Concert – and the resulting mess and accompanying smells of spilt orange juice and up to 10 broken bottles of wine all sloshing around the foyer as the great and the good took their leave.. Not good, unlike the music…

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